Wet Lawns and Driveways

Excess Water on Lawns and Driveways

If you have a wet area of your lawn or driveway and perhaps with standing water (ponding) your property’s drainage system is not functioning properly. Wet areas on your property…

  • create a hazard with potential liability
  • damage landscaping and roadways
  • interfere with your intended uses for the property
  • reduce your property value

Wet areas can be the result of surface runoff, subsurface spring water (high water table), or a failed buried water or septic drainage system. Properly managing all three of these possible sources is necessary to dry the areas.


Solutions for Wet Lawns and Drives

At Connecticut Drainage Pros, we offer a comprehensive approach to managing wet and flooded areas on your property. Your custom solution might include drainage components such as:

  • Simple Repairs To Existing Drainage System (e.g., gutter cleanout, gutter extensions)
  • Underground Gutter Downspout tie-ins
  • Sump Pump Tie Ins
  • Water & Sewer Line Repairs
  • Catch Basin & Yard Drain Installations
  • French Drains
  • Drywells
  • Site Grading

We will recommend the most cost-effective solution to eliminate the flooding problems and provide an adequately sized drainage system. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee applies, so there will be no more flooding! For a complete list of services we offer, click here.

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