Digital Video Inspections

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CT Drainage Pro’s uses high-quality video equipment to address your sewer line problems. Our experienced technicians insert a waterproof camera into the pipe to complete the inspection and determine the exact location of the blockage. Sewer camera inspections for your  pipes allows us to detect exactly what is causing the problem before we diagnose the situation or begin digging. A sewer line inspection can save you time and money.

A sewer camera inspection enables our skilled technicians to determine which pipes have been compromised by pipe collapses, debris, deterioration due to age, or tree root invasion. The high-definition camera sends back a live picture of the inside of the pipes. Images from that video can be saved and used as a comparison once the pipes are repaired and cleaned.

Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspection

As sewer line professionals, the CT Drainage Pro’s team completes each job with state-of-the-art equipment to inspect sewer lines. These advanced techniques allow us to identify your piping material, plumbing age, and determine the condition of your sewer line. By taking photos before and after sewer line treatment, our team can show you the effectiveness of routine plumbing maintenance and ensure the job has been done correctly.

Why a Camera Inspection is Needed

The sewer and drain system beneath your lawn and home deal with more than the waste you flush down the pipes. Environmental and man-made elements contribute to the performance of your plumbing system each day. A sewer camera inspection helps our team recognize a small pipe problem before it becomes a costly crisis. Sewer line inspections allow our technicians to recognize invasive tree roots, grease buildup, off-grade pipes, misaligned or corroded pipes and punctured or broken pipes.

When to Schedule a Sewer Camera Inspection

Whether a sudden change in water color or long-running plumbing problems has you concerned about the condition of your pipes, the local plumbing experts at CT Drainage Pro’s can help. A sewer camera inspection is a timely, minimally invasive way to examine your pipes. Consider scheduling a camera inspection if you are buying a new home, dealing with a slow-draining shower or tub, battle constant clogging, or experience sewer backup. Our technicians will identify any defects or damages to your pipes with the state-of-the-art camera equipment used in each inspection.

Why You Should Inspect Your Sewer Pipes

CT Drainage Pro’s offers a number of plumbing services in the MDC districts and the surrounding areas. Our courteous team works diligently to clearly identify any problem so we can make an accurate diagnosis and proper repair.

Accuracy: Sewer camera inspection eliminates the guesswork in plumbing repairs. We see exactly what’s happening inside your pipes to make an accurate evaluation.
Prevention: camera inspections can be used to keep your pipes healthy and not to just treat a problem. Yearly inspections reveal any new challenges before they get worse.
Simplicity: Avoid having your yard and driveway excavated in attempts to find the pipe problem. A camera inspection is a simple way to specifically locate and treat the issue.

The CT Drainage Pro team is available now to speak with you about your sewer and water line repair needs or explore the benefits of a camera inspection and maintenance agreements. Our professional staff will use this advanced camera inspection technology to effectively solve your sewer and water line needs.